purple infinity is an innovative educational consultancy with a key focus on vocational education and training. We have been developing quality training products for Shea Business Consulting since 2008, and during this time we have refined a suite of premium learning resources to support the TAE40116 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment. These are now available from this dedicated site.


Rather than offer a multitude of mediocre training products, we offer instead a small number of superior products. We continually revise and update our resources to ensure they reflect the current national vocational education and training (VET) landscape, and they are offered as print-on-demand products, so their currency is guaranteed. When you purchase any of our resources, you can be sure they have been updated within a week of being printed.



Duplicated Content

Despite the introduction of ‘streamlined’ training packages in recent times, there is still a substantial amount of duplication between units of competency, especially within the knowledge evidence field (i.e. what a person must ‘know’ in order to safely and effectively perform the work task described in the unit). To prevent learner frustration from having to repeat topics, we’ve grouped common units into a single TAE Learner Guide and consolidated common content into an introductory topic within the Guide. This is a defining feature of our products, and it cannot be achieved when single learning resources are developed to support single units of competency.

Electronic Templates - Free Copies

When you purchase our wire-bound resources, you will receive (by email) a zipped folder containing all templates associated with the resource at no extra charge. They will be in Microsoft Word format and numbered in the order in which they appear in the resource. Our templates have been designed for application in any learning and assessment environment.

Introduction to the TAE Learner Guides – Free Copy

If you purchase more than one of our TAE Learner Guides, you will receive (by email) a press-ready PDF version of the Introduction to the Learner Guides, free of charge.